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Blackbird Home Co was founded by South African textile designer and fashion stylist Angelique Marachev in a small spare room in the corner of a rented apartment. 


After immigrating to Israel in 2012 she quickly recognized an absence of affordable, dynamic, high-quality furniture in an over-priced, cookie-cutter furniture market. Being a new immigrant, new wife, and new mother she had limited capital. She couldn’t afford the exorbitant prices of new furniture, and buying second-hand proved to be problematic due to transportation limitations. With an abundance of experience in fashion styling, Angelique began to adopt furniture that was headed for the trash and by applying her styling knowledge, restyled each one into a unique, dynamic, inspirational masterpiece.


Angelique wanted to develop her newfound passion for furniture flipping into a viable business. Outlining some of the pitfalls that come with the furniture makeover industry within the pages of a comprehensive business plan, Angelique connected the second-hand furniture market with 3D viewer technology as a means to streamline the design process and meet the needs of her client base.  In 2017, she entered the business plan into an international business plan competition. It was selected as a finalist out of 25 applicants and went on to receive first prize. As so, Blackbird Home Co was born.


Fast-forward a few years, as we face the global COVID-19 pandemic, Angelique decided to pivot the business. She wanted to make a greater impact in the world, and Blackbird Home Co began to develop in a new direction. The Blackbird Home Co App was birthed. 


 The vision is to affect immediate change in the world around us by using technology to revolutionize the second-hand furniture industry. By connecting clients to affordable, high-quality, sustainable, designer furniture, the Blackbird Home Co App provides a visual communication tool for anyone who has the creative inclination to stop waiting on our governments to create change.

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We are part of a glorious system called planet Earth, that we cannot live without.

The circular economy is a movement, a system of creativity in which we stop taking whatever we want from the world around us for our own profit. Instead, we use what we have already taken and let the earth recover from a century of exploitation.


Physical materials, however, are not the only resources that have been mistreated: the previous linear system has also seen human resources used and disposed of.

Human beings are, today, scattered all over our cities, our nations, our entire globe, abandoned by a faulty system that labeled them as useless.


But if it is, indeed, the old linear "take, make and dispose" industrial system that is the problem, then perhaps these human beings have been disproportionally and inappropriately labeled. What if we could apply the circular economy, based on a regenerative system, to the lives of humans as well? Perhaps, in some glimmer of hope, if we can work together to restore the planet through small acts of respect for our environment, we can do the same for humanity.